Natura-tec launches a 100% upcycled Candle Wax Base

This special Candle Wax Base, made of locally sourced natural ingredients and supporting a true circular economy, is palm free and 100% vegan.

Engaged in supporting sustainable development, Natura-Tec® is proud to launch its new eco-designed and 100% upcycled candle wax base, ready to use in all candle shapes.

Natural Candle Wax Base has been designed with 100% of ingredients from the valorization of by-products derived from the refining of locally produced olive oil.

Natural Candle Wax Base is a ready to use, eco-designed, candle wax base. Its special composition gives it a smooth and creamy appearance with no cracking effect on cooling. It is odorless while burning.

Natural Candle Wax Base is the ideal sustainable alternative to paraffin wax.

Natural Candle Wax Base can be used in all candle shapes:


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