Fucogel boosts Immuno surveillance

New studies demonstrate Fucogel's role in the protection against pathogens such as viruses by boosting immunosurveillance!

Recognized as THE universal and multifunctional reference in cosmetics, Fucogel® is an ingredient with unique active and sensory properties. In addition to having sensational skin feeling properties, it increases the skin’s well-being tenfold thanks to its wide-ranging effectiveness: immediate soothing, moisturizing, anti-aging & restructuring.

Today, new studies have demonstrated its role in the protection against pathogens such as viruses by boosting immunosurveillance!

Immunocosmetics - A trend to stay

▪ The outbreak of COVID-19 has fundamentally changed consumers’ attitude towards health and wellness.

▪ Consumers are seeking out product solutions that support Immune Health.

▪ Skin immunity refers to the Skin Barrier Health necessary to fight against the aggression of pathogenic microorganisms.

Immunosurveillance is a term used to describe the processes by which the immune system cells seek out and recognize foreign pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses in the body. They are in a permanent state of immune surveillance.

Fucogel® activates immunosurveillance signaling pathways, necessary to set up the innate immune response. This step is followed by the release of antimicrobial peptides, the activation of antiviral response and the recruitment of immune cells.  Thus, Fucogel® reinforces the immune barrier by boosting the immunosurveillance for a healthy skin able to fight against external aggressions such as viruses, bacteria …

Available in powder form, Vegan, Cosmos, Natrue and Halal certified, it is easy to formulate and suitable for all types of formulas and applications.

Fucogel® is an indispensable active ingredient that meets the needs of both skin and hair!

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