Evicare® TEC – Deodorant Active & 100% Natural Solvent

Evicare® TEC inhibits certain bacterial enzymes. This hinders the degradation of organic matter into smelly stuff on our skin.

Evicare® TEC is a natural solvent, water soluble emollient and deodorant active. Evicare® TEC does not act as a bactericide reducing bacteria on the skin. This active only controls enzymatic function in sweat-degrading microbes. With this simple trick, bacteria on our skin cannot degrade components from our metabolism into smelly substances. A smart way to reduce body smell without changing the composition of the microbiome on our skin.


  • Deodorant active
  • Natural solvent for many actives
  • Inhibits enzymatic activity in bacteria
  • Controls Corynebacteria
  • Multifunctional additive
  • 100% natural

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