Evicare TEC

INCI: Triethyl Citrate

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Evicare® TEC
Evicare® TEC inhibits certain bacterial enzymes. This hinders the degradation of organic matter into smelly stuff on our skin. Mission accomplished.

Triethyl Citrate

Features & Benefits
Evicare® TEC is a natural solvent, water soluble emollient and deodorant active. Evicare® TEC does not act as a bactericide reducing bacteria on the skin. This active only controls enzymatic function in sweat-degrading microbes. With this simple trick, bacteria on our skin cannot degrade components from our metabolism into smelly substances. A smart way to reduce body smell without changing the composition of the microbiome on our skin.

Evicare® TEC is moderately water soluble and simply added to the water phase. In emulsions based roll on deodorants it works as well as in any other product type. It is popular as a solvent for many ingredients as well.

Usage Level
1.0 – 5.0%

Cosmos approved