About Us

At Potentia Ingredients, our business is Knowledge.  We bring a new way to provide Canadian customers a Direct access to global Suppliers of chemical ingredients while servicing their organizations locally.  Our goal is to empower our customers by understanding their product development needs and providing them the knowledge from our valued suppliers.

Chemical ingredients manufacturers have traditionally used distributors to expand their business globally.  The business environment is changing fast and we believe that in most instances there is no need for an extra layer in the supply chain.  However, some challenges remain for Global Chemical manufacturers.  At Potentia Ingredients, our role is to better represent our suppliers locally.  We have an extensive Knowledge of the Canadian Personal Care and Cosmetic Industries.  We work closely with our customers during their product developments and we look for the best ingredients following the latest formulation trends.

At Potentia Ingredients, we believe that Knowledge is Power (Potentia).  We act as an extension of our Suppliers.  We spend time and resources to learn and acquire the product knowledge from our valued partners.  We then focus our energy on the active promotion of their products.  We thrive to deliver superior market awareness of their products.  Customers want to know more, and Suppliers want a better market representation.  We offer the solution.  Mergers and acquisitions have diluted the representation of many suppliers in the Canadian market and we believe that we can do better.

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