SeaRenew for Hair Growth and Strength

NATURA-TEC SEARENEW™, the eco-designed super strong hair growth and strength active that increases hair density, reduces hair loss, improves hair growth cycle, bringing significant visual improvements of hair robustness.

NATURA-TEC SEARENEW™ is a unique infusion of Sapote Oil and Nannochloropsis Oceanica microalgae species. This infusion is optimized and concentrated to promote and support hair strength and growth.

Sapote Oil is rich in omega 9 and 6 stimulating hair growth and skin regenaration.

Nannochloropsis Oceanica has an extremely high cholesterol content (>70% total sterol). This species is the very first substantial source of cholesterol from microalgae.  Cholesterol is an important component of Hair Lipid Layer and plays a key role in the maintenance of hair integrity and vitality. 

In vitro and In vivo tests demonstrate that NATURA-TEC SEARENEW™ strongly promotes and supports hair growth

CLICK HERE if you would like to download the presentation and studies on NATURA-TEC SEARENEW™.

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