Quimivita – New supplier for Canada

Potentia Ingredients is now the exclusive distributor in Canada for Quimivita

Quimivita, established in 1964, is a company headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. Their primary focus is on the development of cutting-edge ingredients that offer numerous benefits in skincare, haircare, body care, and oral care. In light of evolving legislation and shifting consumer preferences, Quimivita aims to address the challenges faced by formulators by creating clean beauty ingredients that meet these new demands.

Innovative ingredients that provide visible benefits in skin, hair, body & oral care

QUIMIVITA’s ingredients include: Vita Acids, Hydrocolloids, Hyaluronic acid, Natural Scrubs, Natural Emollients and Natural emulsifiers.

CLICK HERE if you would like to see Quimivita’s products.

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