NEOGLOW – New Product by Solabia

Gentle Exfoliation for Dry and Sensitive Skin

The simplest way to improve radiance is to act on the surface using an exfoliant which will immediately smooth the skin. However, exfoliation, whether mechanical or chemical, can irritate dry, sensitive skin. Therefore, other ways to obtain this coveted healthy glow need to be explored. The Solabia Group’s Research focused on the biological mechanisms of epidermal renewal (energization, regeneration, and natural exfoliation) to improve the quality of dry, sensitive skin and boost its radiance.

NeoGlow® is a sulfur-rich plant-based active ingredient obtained through the gentle extraction of Kale leaves, a superfood known for its detoxifying properties. Cultivated in Brittany (France), Kale is supplied by a responsible organic cooperative, committed to environmental protection.


NeoGlow® acts on three levels to restore epidermis homeostasis and improve the radiance of dry, sensitive skin:

1- It boosts the energy capacities of the skin to help it counter cellular damage from stress and maintain proteostasis.

2- It regenerates the epidermis structure by improving its cohesion and hydration, for skin that is better able to reflect

3- It gently stimulates the skin’s natural exfoliation by boosting the biological desquamation processes, for smoother and more radiant skin

Thanks to its gentle exfoliating power, NeoGlow® redefines and softens the skin texture. Smoother, it could reflect the light better for a brighter and radiant complexion. The skin is more beautiful and more pleasant to look at.

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