INCI: Aqua/Water (and) Propanediol (and) Brassica oleracea acephala leaf extract (and) Maltodextrin


NEOGLOW – Epidermal Renewal Booster

French organic Kale extract to restore glow of dry and sensitive skin

Thanks to its exfoliating effect, NeoGlow® limits the accumulation of dead cells on the skin surface for a more homogeneous and less scaly texture. Smoother, the skin is therefore more able to reflect light, it regains its natural radiance.

NeoGlow® is a sulfur-rich plant-based active ingredient obtained through the gentle extraction of Kale leaves, a superfood known for its detoxifying properties. Cultivated in Brittany (France), Kale is supplied by a responsible organic cooperative, committed to environmental protection.

Mode of action: NeoGlow® acts on three levels to restore epidermis homeostasis and improve the radiance of dry, sensitive skin:

– It boosts the energy capacities of the skin to help it counter cellular damage from stress and maintain proteostasis.

– It regenerates the epidermis structure by improving its cohesion and hydration, for skin that is better able to reflect light.

– It gently stimulates the skin’s natural exfoliation by boosting the biological desquamation processes, for smoother and more radiant skin.

Water Soluble.