SEALIGHT – Eye & Skin Radiance

Fragile Codium Seeweed for a Complete Action on the Eye Contour

Derived from Solabia’s marine expertise, SeaLight® is an active ingredient rich in sulfated arabinogalactans contained exclusively in the Fragile codium seaweed. Harvested responsibly on the Portuguese coasts, this algae is certified organic.


SeaLight® enhances the skin’s radiance through a complete action on the eye contour. It reactivates the microcirculation to ensure the optimal nutrition of the cells, the skin is energized and detoxified for a harmonious and luminous complexion.

Moreover, thanks to its unique properties, clinically proven in women and men, SeaLight® targets the 3 major concerns of the eye contour area: dark circles, puffiness, and crow’s feet wrinkles. The eyes are illuminated, rested, as if rejuvenated.

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