INCI: Water (and) Codium fragile extract


SEALIGHT – Eye & Skin Radiance

SeaLight® significantly reduces under-eye bags volume from 14 days! Eye contour is decongested for a luminous and fresh look.

SeaLight® is a concentrated form of sulfated arabinogalactans (sulfated polysaccharides) mainly composed of galactose, arabinose, xylose, rhamnose, uronic acid and sulfated groups(1). They are obtained from aqueous extraction, concentration and purification of Codium fragile. The green algae is certified organic and sustainably harvested on the Portuguese coasts.

Mode of action: SeaLight® enhances the skin’s radiance with targeted action on the eye contour:

– It detoxifies the skin thanks to the stimulation of the skin natural detoxification systems and the modulation of
inflammatory reactions and their consequences on blood and lymphatic networks

– It stimulates the microcirculation, helping to decongest and drain thanks to the vasoconstriction and the
protection against hyperpermeability

– It energizes the skin-deep tissues thanks to the optimization of the cellular respiration and the increase of the
ATP production.

SeaLight® visibly downsizes eye puffiness thanks to its decongestant and anti-inflammatory action on lymphatic capillaries. Eye area seems more rested and fatigue signs are disappearing.

Water Soluble.