Waterless beauty Box 2022 ( 8 formulas )

Formulation by Solabia

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With its box of 8 products containing more than 95% natural-origin ingredients, Solabia now offers a complete beauty routine in harmony with Waterless beauty. It includes products in powder and solid form, leave-on cosmetics and dry formulas.

These 8 environmentally responsible products should be used without moderation, throughout your skincare routine:
1. Skin Care: a beauty boost to reduce your water consumption
• Cleansing Bi-Phase Pearly Lotion ( Essenc’Age, Saponaria Water, Emul’Spheres Argan Oil )
• Radiance Mineral Scrub ( Ecoskin, Physiogenyl Powder )
• Restructuring & Targeted Facial Stick ( Includes Ceralink+, Fucolife GR )

2.Hair Care: take care of your hair, and the planet
• Dual Cascara Hair Nourisher ( Cascara Water, Oleat Osun Cascara )
• Hand Crafted Shampoo Bar ( Fucogel Powder, Oleat Osun Avocado )

3. Body Care: complete your routine with innovative and eco-friendly products
• Balancing Pill Soap ( Bioecolia, Gems’tone lepidolite )
• Zoned Body Butter (Omega 3 Ceramide Flax, Glycerolat B Sacred Lotus )
• Clean Hands Gel ( Pollustop, Bioecolia )