INCI: Raspberry seed oil / Tocopheryl succinate aminopropanediol esters

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Dermo-epidermal regenerator

Definition: Molecule obtained by a patented process, solvent free enzymatic biocatalysis, from raspberry seed oil (Rubus idaeus), high in Omega 6 and 3 (stable to oxidation thanks to the structure) and E vitamin succinate.

Mode of action: This active ingredient allows tissues regeneration in depth: from dermis to epidermis, via DermicEpidemic Junction or DEJ. Damaged support tissue and epidermis are rapidly reconstructed and skin recovers its role of barrier function. So VITASKIN® E is recommended for injured or burned skin, dry skin or mature skin with a renewal process slowing down.

VITASKIN E at 1% significantly stimulates ╬▒6╬▓4 integrin (constituent of hemidesmosomes, keratinocytes connections to dermis via the DEJ) by +144% vs. untreated area and +146% vs Placebo.

Soluble at 10% in ethanol, mineral oils and vegetal oils.

USE LEVEL: 0.1-1%