Vita Aox Skin

INCI: Ferulic acid


Vita Aox Skin® Hydroxycinnamic acid specially designed to maintain a healthy skin and protect it from external factors Its powerful antioxidant action prevents sun damage and increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin, making Vita Aox Skin® a perfect photoprotective and anti-aging ally.

The antioxidant action mechanism of this acid supports the antioxidant intracellular defense system. On the one hand, it actively participates in the inhibition of ROS and nitrogen formation, but also in the neutralization of free radicals. Ferulic acid is responsible for the chelation of metal ions such as Cu and Fe. It not only acts as a free radical scavenger, but it also inhibits the enzymes associated with the production and catalysis of free radicals within our cells.

Use Level: 0.2-0.5%