Texturizing Repair Topic Gel-in-Oil

Formulation by Natura-tec



Let yourself be surprised by this jellified anhydrous creamy and melting texture on your skin.

Thanks to our Natural BBB-Beauty Balm Base, an exciting solution to stimulate creativity and efficiency, this texturizing gel-in-oil spreads gently, forming a cushion under the fingers, then turns into light oil on the skin without leaking. Easy to apply, this
non-greasy “zero drop” gel-in-oil will make your skin more supple and softer with an irresistible glittery feel.

Thanks to Natura-Tec Marine BlueRevelation™ 50+, your skin will reveal its glowing natural beauty improving its hydration,
elasticity and firmness.

Formulated with:

Natural BBB –Beauty Balm Base
Natura-Tec Plantsil
Natura-Tec Sweet Almond Oil-Refined
Natura-Tec Marine BlueRevelation 50+