Solesphere – Formulation Guide

Formulation Guide: RESIFA SOLESPHERE formulations for Cosmetics, Sunscreen and skincare

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RESIFA SOLESPHERE – Formulation guide for Cosmetics, sunscreen and skincare.

Formulation Type:

Natural-Look Skin Treatment:

Blank Canvas Primer
Cucumber Mattifying Serum
Hydrating Glow Serum
Zero Pigment Foundation
Dewy Skin Cream
Natural Blurring Primer
Calming Hand Cream

Color Cosmetics:

Hydrating Tinted Moisturizer
Natural Nurturing Foundation
Shade Perfect


Coconut Luxe Ultimate Sun Defense ZnO Sunscreen
Fresh Coat Organic Sunscreen
Coconut Care SPF
Coconut Care SPF+
Fun in the SUNflower SPF
All Good Sunscreen
Aqueous Sun Runner
Ultra-Radiating Sunscreen
Hydrating Silk Sunscreen


Lavender Exfoliating Gel