Soft Milky Way Bath Oil

Formulation by Evident Ingredients



COSMOS compliant, 100% natural and heavenly bath experience
A true treasure full of natural antioxidants: Pumpkin oil (rich in Selenium), Linseed oil (rich in Omega acids) and Corn oil (rich in Vitamin E) in a mixture of naturally scented Almond oil and Evicare® solve.
Evicare® PGPR and Evicare® deo form an incredible duo as super-fast emulsifiers. Evicare® toco mix protects the vegetable oils against rancidity.
The result: a self-dispersing bath oil that converts water into an instant emulsion with an intensive caring effect. When you are in your bathtub you will feel like flying in the clouds. This is the milky way of skin care.

Formulated with: Evicare solve, Evicare deo, Evicare PGPR, Evicare toco mix