INCI: Propanediol (and) Water (and) Polygonum cuspidatum root extract (and) Myristyl alcohol (and) PCA

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Anti-blemish purifier

Definition: Alliance between two complementary molecules to fight against acne-prone skin: the myristyl PCA (obtained by esterification of the L-pyrolidone carboxylic acid and myristyl alcohol), the δ-viniferin and other polyphenols resulting from a biotechnological process of bioconversion from an extract of Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum).

Mode of action: SANISKIN® offers a multi-parameter approach through a 4-in-1 global action to cope with acne-prone skin: modulation of the sebaceous gland activity, protection of the sebum quality against oxidation, limitation of P.acnes proliferation, and decrease of skin inflammation.

SANISKIN® at 1.5% reduces the number of visible pores up to -84%

Oil Soluble.

USE LEVEL: 1.50%