INCI: Butylene glycol (And) Water (And) Coffea robusta seed extract


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Skin barrier restructurer

Definition: ROBUSTYL® is a hydroglycolic extract from green coffee (Coffea canephora, synonym robusta), titrated in xanthic bases and total polyphenols.

Mode of action: The cutaneous protection is guaranteed thanks to a plant known for its resistance and robustness, qualities at the origin of the name of robusta coffee. Robustyl® boosts the physical and microbial resistance of the skin while ensuring the formation of a more-structured tissue with better connected cells. It also stimulates the synthesis of an antimicrobial peptide (innate immunity marker).

ROBUSTYL® at 1% increases the desmoglein expression by +25% and improves cell cohesion.

Water Soluble.

USE LEVEL: from 0.3%