INCI: Behenyl / Stearyl aminopropanediol esters

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Hair restructurer

Definition: A ceramide-like molecule, obtained by a green chemistry process without solvent, from two saturated vegetable fatty acids, behenic (C22) and stearic (C18) acids.

Mode of action: By replenishing hair lipid cement gaps, REP’HAIR® restores cohesion between the cuticle and the cortex. Therefore, by smoothing the hair fiber, it can enhance the gloss of the hair shaft and increase its resistance. It prevents the hair from splitting and breaking. REP’HAIR® provides an effective, preventive and curative response and it is suitable for leave-on and rinse-off applications.

REP’HAIR® at 0.2% significantly reduces the damage sustained by the hair – 11% vs. Placebo – 18% vs. Untreated control.

Oil Soluble.

USE LEVEL: 0.2-0.4%