Phytocare-HA CG 1M

INCI: Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp (Snow Mushroom) Extract


Phytocare-HA is a COSMOS-approved biological active extracted from Snow Mushrooms.

Phytocare-HA CG 1M – 100% pure high molecular weight polysaccharide active. More flexible and softer hydration film on skin with preferred sensory. Delivers long-term hydration and anti-oxidation benefits. Strong tolerance for a wider ranges of temperature, pH, and salt.

Phytocare-HA CG 1M grades features powerful hydration, film forming and anti-oxidation properties, making it very suitable for anti-aging, anti-pollution, and urban defense formulations. This natural barrier protection keeps external aggressors from coming in and skin moisture from evaporating out.

Snow mushroom has played a prominent role in Chinese history as a celebrated ingredient in herbal, cosmetic, and culinary applications. Unlike poorer quality food-grade snow mushroom actives, Phytocare-HA does not contain extraneous fillers and is designed to meet the high purity and safety requirements for clinical cosmetic applications.