INCI: Dicaprylyl ether (and) Safflower seed oil piperonyl esters

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Definition: Patented combination of piperonyl alcohol and linoleic acid in the form of an ester, obtained via enzymatic reaction. These two molecules have been selected for their well-known lightening properties or having similar structures to chemicals sharing these properties (e.g. kojic acid).

Mode of action: By offering a specific mechanism to regulate melanogenesis within the nucleus, via the PPAR pathway (with a triple agonism for the α, δ, and γ pathways), OMEGALIGHT® has proven to be an effective inhibitor of the key enzymes (tyrosinase and TRP-1) and thus decreases melanin production. Regulating melanogenesis on multiple levels, while also moderating inflammatory response, results in an improvement to the signs of hyperpigmentation, not only on the surface but also at deeper levels, and prevents new disorders from forming.

OMEGALIGHT® at 2% decreases the area occupied by pigment spots on the skin surface and in depth by -16.8%.

Water Soluble.