INCI: Linseed oil / Palm oil aminopropanediol esters


Soothing restructurer for sensitive skin

Definition: Linolenic acid (Ω3) stabilized under a biomimetic ceramide-like structure obtained by a patented solvent-free enzymatic process, from flax oil.

Mode of action: Ω3 CERAMIDE FLAX has the unique feature of transposing the well-known nutraceutics properties of the Omega 3 to the skin. To complement its restructuring properties associated with its biomimetic ceramide structure, Ω3 CERAMIDE FLAX makes the skin less sensitive to stress while re-establishing neuronal communication. As a direct consequence of its anti-stress properties, Ω3 CERAMIDE FLAX helps to regulate skin hyperseborrhea (anti 5-α reductase activity) and slow down aging.

USE LEVEL: 0.1-1%