Nourishing Avocado Body Butter

Formulation by Evident Ingredients



This rich body butter which contains the avocado pulp gives the skin a healthy glow in no time.

Avocados are also rich in omega-9 fatty acids which support the skin, calm irritations, reduce redness and repair damaged skin cells.

To protect from oxidation, a two-part AOX-system is chosen: The tocopherols in Evicare® toco mix protect the sensitive oils, promote product stability and extend the shelf life. Evicare® lipoguard C supports this action by regenerating oxidized tocopherols back into their active form.

Antimicrobial protection is ensured with the powerful yet mild blend Evicide® levulinate S.

Formulated with: Evicide levulinate S, Evicare lipoguard C, Evicare PGPR, Evicare toco mix