NatFlor Collection « Alter Eco »

Presentation of natural fragrances by TechnicoFlor

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TechnicoFlor presents their NatFlor Collection « Alter Eco »

Fragrances of 100% Natural Origin

Craving for a better future, our perfumers developed a collection of 12 creative fragrances showcasing trending ingredients which could be cool alternatives either for the planet or for ourselves.
Covering 4 clusters that we imagined as 4 “good causes”, all fragrances are 100% of natural origin, certified Cosmos Organic by Ecocert, inclusive of our most beautiful Fair Trade* raw materials.

Smart Upcycling – bringing to light 4 natural ingredients wrongfully considered as “waste” that could easily be up-cycled.

Water-friendly – showcasing 2 alternative ingredients to cotton, which has become too water-consuming.

Touch Wood ! – honoring 3 woods that could contribute to reducing the global deforestation.

Better Balance – because it is good to care about the planet and not too bad to care for yourself either.