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Formulation by Natura-tec

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Put your eyes in the spotlight and let this mascara work its magic on your eyelashes.  Our Natura-Tec SeaRenew, concentrate of sustainable Sapote Oil enriched in microalgae active, will promote and support eyelashe strength and growth.  Our Natura-Tec Plantsoft L will stretch and sheath the eyelashes, for a glamorous look !

Formulated with:

Natura-Tec Glycerin – Organic
Natura-Tec Emulactive W
Natura-Tec Vegetable Beeswax
Natura-Tec Candelilla Wax
Natura-Tec Rice Bran Wax
Natura-Tec Abysoft™
Natura-Tec Plantsoft L
Natura-Tec SeaRenew

(Formulation samples are subject to availability)