Invisible Radiant Beauty Cream

Formulation by Natura-tec



This Invisible Radiant Beauty Cream soothes and unifies complexion providing a feeling of softness to the skin.  Thanks to our vegetable based Silicone replacements, this BB cream has a long lasting silky feel. Natura-Tec SeaPassion™ is a unique and powerful anti-acne active that acts significantly against imperfections.

Formulated with:

Natura-Tec Glycerin—Organic Glycerin
Natura-Tec Rice Starch
Natura-Tec Crystal Cream S
NATURAL BBB Beauty Balm Base
Natura-Tec Plantsil™ Xcite 350
Natura-Tec Plantsil™
Natura-Tec Abysoft™
Natura-Tec Rice Starch
Natura-Tec SeaPassion™
Natura-Tec Geogard ECT