INCI: Biosaccharide gum-4 (and) Water (and) Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide (and) Propanediol (and) Algin


Instant tenser

Definition: Optimization of interactive properties of the polysaccharide GLYCOFILM® via its association with alginate, plant propanediol and gluco-oligosaccharides.

Mode of action: Molecular interaction between components to create a tensing matrix of which the balance is guaranteed by the viscosity optimization. This film, non-sticky, assures a visible, immediate and prolonged tensing/smoothing action but also a firming effect and offers anti-pollution properties.

GLYCOLIFT decreases the main wrinkle depth by 10.3%, the fine lines depth by 9.9% and the roughness by 7.5%.

Water Soluble.

USE LEVEL: 5-20%