INCI: Biosaccharide gum-4


Anti-pollution shield for skin and hair

Definition: Created to form a film on skin and hair surface, GLYCOFILM®/POLLUSTOP® is an anionic polysaccharide of high molecular weight, obtained by biotechnology.

Mode of action: Thanks to its matrix-forming property on the skin and hair, GLYCOFILM®/POLLUSTOP® makes barrier to the 3 types of pollution stresses:
– Atmospheric (carbon particles, particle matters and heavy metals)
– UV
– Domestic (chemicals) and so limit the extra and intracellular induced damage (oxidative stress, inflammation, cellular and mitochondrial toxicity, etc.). It prevents the alteration of hair fiber by oxidative pollution.

GLYCOFILM®/POLLUSTOP® at 3% protects against the encrustation of heavy metals on the skin up to +95%

Water Soluble.

Preservative system:
GLYCOFILM 1.5P®: 1.5% phenoxyethanol

USE LEVEL: 0.5-5%