Definition: Fucogel® is an anionic polysaccharide with a high molecular weight (1.106 Da) obtained by bacterial fermentation from non-GMO vegetable substrates. It contains L-fucose, Dgalactose and galacturonic acid and is used in the form of a solution at 1% (w/w) in water (Fucogel® 1.5P, Fucocert®) or in the form of a powder with a non-GMO maltodextrin carrier (Fucogel® Powder)

Mode of action: Renowned for being a universal and multifunctional reference in cosmetic industry, Fucogel® owns both key active and sensory properties to easily and quickly access skin well-being. Easy to formulate, melting hair and skin needs, suitable for all types of formulas and applications, comfort and softness booster, Fucogel® is also distinguished for its large performance: short-term soothing, moisturizing, anti-aging, restructuring and touching agent. Fucogel® owes its biological effectiveness from its affinity for fucose receptors in the skin but also from its unique ability to modulate neuronal sensitivity through the ASIC pathway.

FUCOGEL® 1.5P Preservative system: 1.5% phenoxyethanol

Fucocert Preservative system: None (Additives: 3% Water / Glycerin / Sodium levulinate / Sodium anisate and 0.4% Glyceryl caprylate)

FUCOGEL® POWDER Preservative system: None

USE LEVEL: 0.1-1%