Evicide G 10

INCI: Decylene Glycol


Evicide® G 10
We don’t have anything against fungi. We just want to keep them out of personal care products. Evicide® G 10 helps.

Decylene Glycol

Features & Benefits
Evicide® G 10 is an more specific antimicrobial, especially active against yeast and mold. Due to its chain length Evicide® G 10 is less water soluble and this feature also allows this active to have a stronger fungicidal effect than other glycols.

Evicide® G 10 is an active for an extra need for fungicidal activity in preservation systems. Also it is popular as an active on the skin to control yeast, for instance in anti-dandruff formulations or to reduce Candida in intimate hygiene products.

Usage Level
0.3 – 1.5%

Cosmos approved

USE LEVEL: 0.3-1.5%