Evicide cassia

INCI: Benzoic Acid

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Evicide® cassia
Traditional preservation and yet 100% natural? Is there anything like that? Yes there is: Evicide® cassia

Benzoic Acid

Features & Benefits
The 100% natural Evicide® cassia is a traditional powerful food preservative: Benzoic Acid. Produced by fermentation from natural precursors from Cassia tree this raw material can be used for natural cosmetics that strive to have 100% natural content. The performance as a preservative is well known and used everywhere in the world of personal care.

Evicide® cassia is water-soluble. It works perfectly and easily as a strong preservative component for the full protection of surfactant based products like shampoos or shower gels. In emulsions Evicide® cassia is used globally as well, in some cases the use of a boosting agent is recommended.

Usage Level
0.1 – 0.5%

Cosmos approved

USE LEVEL: 0.1-0.5%