Evicare wintergreen

INCI: Salicylic Acid


Evicare® wintergreen
Salicylic Acid is well known from willow bark but usually synthetic. Our natural version is produced from wintergreen.

Salicylic Acid

Features & Benefits
Evicare® wintergreen is a natural antimicrobial active and preservative. Salicylic acid is well known in the industry and used as a preservative but even more as an active with specific function as anti-dandruff agent, anti-acne active and for its keratinolytic affect. Evicare® wintergreen is 100% natural and sourced sustainably from the wintergreen shrub as a by-product from aroma sourcing.

Evicare® wintergreen is moderately water soluble and simply added to the water phase. It is often used in anti-acne and anti-dandruff products as a main active.

Usage Level
0.5 – 2.5%

Cosmos approved

USE LEVEL: 0.5-2.5%