Evicare solve

INCI: Triheptanoin

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Evicare® solve
Natural, palm-free and an excellent solvent for organic UV-filters. Ah, right, it’s also fast spreading and a strong pigment dispersant: Evicare® solve


Features & Benefits
Evicare® solve is a natural based light emollient. With its high polarity, due to very short fatty acid chain length, Evicare® solve is a powerful solvent for lipophilic actives, UV-filters and a very good dispersant for many pigments. It is sourced from Castor Oil and therefore palm free. Evicare® solve is fast spreading but has yet a caring skin feel.

Evicare® solve is used in natural and conventional sun care products especially for higher SPF. It is also beneficial in all products containing pigments. Suitable for all emulsions and oil based products that require a light skin feel and good spreading on the skin.

Usage Level
1.0 – 10.0%

Cosmos approved

USE LEVEL: 1-10%