Evicare GB

INCI: Glyceryl Behenate

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Evicare® GB
Let’s face it: size matters. At least when it comes to the chain length of texturizers. Try Evicare® GB with its superior effect on emulsions

Glyceryl Behenate

Features & Benefits
Evicare® GB is a 100% natural O/W co-emulsifier and thickener. It imparts body and texture to emulsions by its crystallization in the emulsion and by forming a network between the oil droplets. It also lowers the surface tension between water and oil and therefore helps in the emulsification process like other long chain glyceryl mono-esters. Due to its very long (C-22) carbon chain it is more effective and creates a different character in the cream.

Evicare® GB can be added to the hot water phase as it requires melting to be activated. Mix it well prior to addition of the oil phase and homogenization.

Usage Level
1 – 3%

Cosmos approved