Evicare emolight

INCI: Isoamyl Laurate


Evicare® emolight
100% Natural emollient

Isoamyl Laurate

Evicare® emolight is a fast-spreading emollient and an exciting conditioning agent for all types of skin- and haircare formulations. Chemically, this raw material is the esterification product of the palm-derived lauric acid with isoamyl alcohol from bacterial fermentation, resulting in Isoamyl Laurate. This ingredient is 100% based on renewable resources and is thus compliant with all common natural cosmetics certification standards such as COSMOS and Natrue. This material is sourced exclusively in RSPO MB quality.

Our 100% natural emollient Evicare® emolight is composed of isoamyl laurate. This ester oil is known to generate a smooth and exceptionally light skin feel when used in skincare applications, and is often used to mimic the exceptional sensorial profile of silicone oils.

Evicare® emolight is practically color- and odorless, and thus will have no negative impact on your formulation. Also, unlike other oils, it is not prone to oxidation and will not generate unwanted odors or discoloration over time.

As a polar oil, Evicare® emolight is also a potent solvent for actives and UV-filters. Even the solubility of pigments is improved. This effect is generated due to the wetting properties of isoamyl laurate, meaning that the contact between pigments and solvent is facilitated by the addition of Evicare® emolight, which leads to a quicker dispersion.