Evicare aquatex 80

INCI: Xantham Gum

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Evicare® aquatex 80
Natural Thickening Agent to produce transparent Solutions. Dissolve in seconds when dispersed.

Xantham Gum

Features & Benefits
Evicare® aquatex 80 fulfills the highest demands by providing colorless and highly transparent solutions. Extraordinary fast solubility. The mesh 80 to reduce stringyness and provide soft touch. Higher viscosity yield than comparable qualities.

Evicare® aquatex 80 is highly versatile and suitable for all kinds of formulations, for
example o/w emulsions, clear gels, shampoos, tonics, and many more.

Usage Level
0.3 – 1.0%

Cosmos approved

USE LEVEL: 0.3-1.0%