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EMUL’SPHERES – Crazy Spheres range – Oil-rich beauty pearls

Emul’Spheres® are 100% customizable beauty pearls (Crazy Spheres® range) that can incorporate the lipophilic ingredients of your choice (botanical oils, oily macerates, emollients, oily active ingredients, etc.) into an emulsifier-free emulsion to keep only what is essential: the care of your skin. These premium pearls bring together the benefits of oily active ingredients with the skincare properties of marine alginate, forming the pearl inclusion matrix.

Emul’Spheres®, an elegant galenic which magnifies the oily active ingredients and wraps your skin in softness.

Emul’Spheres®, with their sensory texture, procuring rich, fresh, soft, and comfortable sensations, one after the other, offer your skin a new and incredible experience.

USE LEVEL: 10-40%