Dermanet Light

INCI: Glycerin & Phenyl Trimethicone & Water & Hydrogenated Lecithin


The DERMANET line uses a unique technology of ultrafluidization to create a microemulsion of water, glycerin and a functional oil. It remains water soluble, very stable and easy to use. It is not only a functional ingredient but also a texturizing one, affecting both, the performance and feel of your formula.

The Dermanet base has a high level of glycerin but due to the process used, the tackiness is reduced. We are left with a high moisturizing effect along with the benefits of the key functional ingredient.


It has the functional ingredient of Phenyl Trimethicone which is known to prevents static build-up over time. It has a great safety and textural profile, as well as compatibility with skin, hair and other ingredients.

Dermanet Light is a safe and very versatile ingredient that due to its compatibility with hair and skin as well as other ingredients in formulation, can be used in a variety of applications.

USE LEVEL: 1-100%