INCI: Water (and) Arginine PCA


Anti-age firmness

Definition: Arginine PCA is the combination between 2 amino acids: arginine and L-pyrrolidone carboxylic acid (L-PCA), this later being a physiological molecule part of the N.M.F. This PCA salt, non-GMO and from natural origin is obtained through Green Chemistry.

Mode of action: D-GLYCARGINE has shown for the first time a great potential in the fight of glycation, thanks to its double exclusive action at skin level:
1. An anti-glycation potential (preventive action): -34.4% vs. Placebo
2. A potential to deglycate (curative activity to «repair» already glycated proteins): -22.9% vs. Placebo allowing it to reverse glycation-induced aging, proved by the durable maintenance of the skin biomechanical properties and the recovering of a healthy glow: the skin tone is improved (“de-yellowing” effect, especially on dark spots) and the skin gains firmness.

Water Soluble.