Crazysphere Soothing

Formulation by Solabia

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A real ally for reactive and sensitive skin, Soothing Crazy Spheres® care is a hydro-soothing multi-active pearl serum enriched with purifying rose water. Applied to the skin, its gel texture instantly relieves irritation and durably restores the skin’s comfort, providing a feeling of softness and instant freshness.
Made using just ten ingredients, this care contains Beauty Pearls enhanced with biotechnological active ingredient that restructures the skin’s barrier function, instantly soothing, moisturizing, and giving a silky soft touch, the serum and rose water working in complete symbiosis. This innovative, high-tech, and refined formula enables sensitive and dry skins to recover their wellness.

Formulated with:

Fucogel 1.5P
Vegebios of Rose