Citropol V5

INCI: Polycitronellol Acetate, Undecane, and Tridecane


Citropol® V5 is a new volatile emollient that allows formulators to create high-performing, renewable, biodegradable products when used as low as 1% in cosmetic and personal care products.

Citropol® V5 imparts distinct volatility and spreadability properties, providing a natural alternative to low viscosity, volatile silicones. Citropol® V5 is compatible in skin care, hair care, deodorant, and anti-perspirant applications, and does not compromise human and environmental safety.

Hair Performance:
The similarities between Citropol V5 and D5 makes it an easy and sustainable swap, without having to rework an existing formulation.
– Citropol V5 imparts better frizz reduction and MUCH LESS build-up and the addition of heat protection up to 450°F.
– Less frizz makes Citropol V5 a go-to for long-lasting hair styling and higher combability.

Skin Performance:
– Citropol V5 imparts a silky, second-skin feel to skin care products that closely mimics Silicone D5. Citropol V5 provides improved spreadability and slip to formulations that will enhance the experience and aesthetic of the finished product.

Over 95% natural content.