Citropol® Book

Presentation of Citropol® products by P2 Science.

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Presentation of Citropol® – A new line of liquid performance polymers based on green chemistry.  A versatile and sustainable alternative to silicone.

Citropol® polymers are derived from Citronellol, a natural acyclic monoterpenoid found in citronella oils. The Citronellol is derived from terpenes that are extracted from the sap of sustainably grown pine trees. P2 Science converts the Citronellol into Citropol® polymers by way of a green, clean, mild, and high yielding conversion process called Process Intensified Continuous Etherification (PICE™).

Polyterpenes have a near identical repeating dimethyl ether motif to give it the same functional performance as silicones. But it also has a branched alkyl ‘spacer’ as a handle for biodegradation. All the benefits, none of the drawbacks!

This book present the different Citropol® products available:

Citropol® 1A
Citropol® HA
Citropol® H
Citropol® V5
Citropol® F