Citropol 1A

INCI: Polycitronellol Acetate


Citropol® 1A is a low molecular-weight liquid polymer that is made from terpenes derived from the forest. Citropol 1A imparts distinct lubricating properties in skin-care and hair-care formulations.

Even in concentrations as low as 1%, the result is a slippery, silky formulation. Citropol 1A is a valuable component in a range of applications in the beauty industry: cosmetics, skin care, hair care, fragrance, deodorants, and moisturizers.

Hair Performance:
– Citropol 1A and H reduce frizz more efficiently than their comparative Dimethicone. The frizz reduction characteristics of Citropol 1A & H makes them a go-to for long lasting hair styling and higher combability.
– Citropol 1A, H and HA produce less build-up on hair after use than Dimethicones. Less build-up and residue makes Citropol 1A, H, & HA a great addition to any haircare product and allow for less frequent hair washing.
– The use of Citropol 1A, HA, & H protect hair against the heat damage with a flat iron at 450°F.

Skin Performance:
– Citropol 1A imparts a silky, second-skin feel to skin care products that closely mimics Dimethicone 20. Citropol 1A provides improved spreadability and slip to formulations that will enhance the experience and aesthetic of the finished product.