INCI: Calcium PCA

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Skin barrier strengthener

Definition: Calcium salt of LPyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid (L-PCA), physiological component of the epidermis, obtained by cyclization of L-glutamic acid.

Mode of action: Considered to be a second messenger, involved in most of biochemical reactions, calcium is the trace element which triggers the phases of epidermal cells differentiation. CALCIDONE helps the skin to carry out or regain its barrier role by stimulating the cell differentiation process and activating the synthesis of total epidermal lipids, notably ceramides. CALCIDONE also has strong antimetalloproteinase-1 (anti-MMP1) activity and consequently preserves the skin’s integrity.

CALCIDONE at 0.25% has an effect on the synthesis of epidermal lipids:
• cerebrosides: + 268%
• ceramides 1: + 199%
• ceramides 2: + 212%

Water Soluble.

USE LEVEL: 0.5-3%