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Complete guide of Vegetal expertise by Solabia


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Complete guide of Vegetal expertise by Solabia. ( 200 Botanical extracts available in different extraction methods )

The Solabia Group, a pioneer in the cosmetics industry since 50 years, obtains a very broad and internationally recognized phytochemical expertise. For both, active ingredients and inspirational plant extracts, we provide our customers with a plant catalogue of nearly 200 plants from around the world to highlight the best of what nature has to offer us.

Several types of extractions are available for eco-designed plant extracts such a subcritical water, supercritical CO2, aqueous/hydro-distillation, oily…

With this know-how, the Solabia Group focuses its efforts to offer ingredients of certified origin, from durable and responsible sourcing and sustainable agriculture. The traceability of the materials that go into our ingredients is at the heart of our concerns; we support our suppliers in their daily lives in order to offer exceptional ingredients to our customers.