INCI: Glycerin (and) Capsicum annuum fruit extract (and) Xanthan gum


Blue light pollution Defender

Definition: Eco-friendly active ingredient rich in capsanthin, a specific and highly effective carotenoid. BlueShield® is obtained from cold pressing of red bell peppers and stabilized with vegetable glycerin and xanthan gum. Grown in France, red bell peppers come from a responsible producer, committed for a long time in environmental protection

Mode of action: BlueShield® protects the skin from the 2 major damaging effects of blue light, namely photo oxidation and photoreceptor disruption:
– Thanks to its high antioxidant capacity, BlueShield® specifically protects cellular DNA and collagen from oxidation and degradation
– Thanks to its super-protective filtering power, BlueShield® protects skin photoreceptors (opsins) from stress By preserving the vital functions of the skin in relation to DNA, the ExtraCellular Matrix and phototransduction, a mechanism that controls, among other things, pigmentation and circadian rhythms, BlueShield ® helps prevent digital pollution-induced aging.
Water Soluble.