Bees & Lips Protection

Formulation by Natura-tec

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Thanks to Natura-Tec Marine CellShield AP, your lips will be protect against the urban pollution. The hydration level is also enhanced by introducing 5% of water. This vegan formulation is completely of natural origin. The lip stick has an easy pay-off and a long lasting trendy nude color. You will love its texture: creamy and melting like butter.

Formulated with:

Natura-Tec Castor Oil-Refined
Natura-Tec Abysoft
Natura-Tec Ecomuls 2 in 1
Natura-Tec Castor Oil-Refined
Natura-Tec Marine RevitaLys HP
Naturasoft Shea W-Refined
NaturaVelvet Peach
Natural Vaselin Type B
Natura-Tec Plantsoft L
Natura-Tec Candelilla Wax
Natura-Tec Carnauba Wax T1
Natura-Tec Vegetable Beeswax
Natura-Tec Marine CellShield AP