INCI: Lysine aspartate


ASPARLYNE® Anti-fatigue toner

Definition: 50% aqueous solution of L-lysine aspartate, natural amino acid obtained by the fermentation of vegetable substrates.

Mode of action : Essential to growth and cell energization (a deficiency leads to extreme tiredness), L-lysine, combined in the form of aspartic acid salt, gives ASPARLYNE® its properties in stimulating the skin’s microcirculation and the synthesis of ATP, cellular fuel. Perfectly appropriate for tired and stressed skins, for men and women, ASPARLYNE® restores radiance and tonus to the skin.

ASPARLYNE® at 4% improves the cutaneous microcirculation by: + 7.7% on short term (from 1h) + 18% on long term (after 28 days)
Water Soluble.