INCI: Pfaffia glomerata root juice (and) Water (and) Arginine PCA

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Neurobiological amplifier of sensorial pleasure

Definition: Physio-vegetal complex made up of arginine salt of the LPyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid (L-PCA) and a Brazilian ginseng root juice (Pfaffia glomerata), high in polyphenols, obtained by cold pressing in a non-denaturing condition.

Mode of action: Increasing, at low concentrations, the length of the neuronal dendrites, ARGISENS improves the innervation density and the tactile perception decreasing with the age. It also activates the blood vessel vasodilatation by stimulating the gene expression of the nitric oxide synthase 3 (NOS3) and so microcirculation to accede to pleasure.

ARGISENS at 3% increases by 26% microcirculation after 28 days.

Water Soluble.